Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few Tips About Fishing Line

Just a short post today about a very common question : what type of line do you recommend for surf fishing?

I almost always recommend that people new to surf fishing use whatever brand of line they are most comfortable with , but just a heavier test line. Most of my surf rods are spooled with either 17 or 20 pound test and I have always used clear Berkley Trilene XL or Berkley Big Game. If you have a favorite brand that you are used to fishing with , just get it in a heavier size.

Depending on what type of fishing you plan to do and where you plan to fish , some of the High Visibility lines may be what you need. When fishing from a pier or popular surf fishing areas like Cape Point in North Carolina being able to see your line and your neighbors line is often very important. This helps to reduce tangled lines and helps when you or someone else goes to cast.

I really don't recommend using braided lines any time when you will have other people fishing close by. Braided line can cut other angler's line if they happen to get crossed and this can become quite costly due to the price of rigs and sinkers. It can also be very expensive to fill some of the larger reels used in surf fishing. Braided line can also be very hard on your rods when casting heavy sinkers because these lines have little to no stretch. In this situation all of the stress is absorbed by the rod , which can lead to damage and a shorter lifespan for your rod.

Shop around and find a line that you trust. It's important to use fresh line because older line can cause you to lose fish if it has deteriorated from sun exposure or age. I change my line at least once a season , more if it's been through a lot of abuse (big fish).

More on lines , leaders and rigs coming soon!


  1. Hi JM, I see the new blog is shaping up nicely. Seems you've been very busy here lately :-)

  2. Thanks man! And thanks for following. I have plans to keep working on this so it will be a good how to resource for anglers new to the surf.


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