Friday, February 11, 2011

Fishing Lines : Part 2

Yesterday I wrote an article about some of the pros and cons of the different types of lines available. In continuation of that train of thought , today I'd like to discuss how to spool up and how to take care of your line.

Fishing Lines : Part 1

Fishing line , something I love and also something I love to hate. Good line spooled correctly and taken care of is a joy to use. Bad line with lots of memory and twisted because of poor installation can ruin even the best day of fishing. Handling line can be frustrating at times , but with a little bit of effort and a few simple steps you can tame even the most twisted line.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Favorite Saltwater Lure

I've used a bunch of different lures over the years for a ton of different species. Everything from tiny hair jigs for trout and crappie to gigantic swim baits and plugs for bass and stripers. I won't say I've tried them all , but I've certainly used more than most people. Bucktails , spinnerbaits , topwater plugs , spoons and just about anything else you can think of have all been on my line at some point. I'm not proud of it either , since a lot of lures seem to catch more fishermen than they do fish.

The idea behind lures is simple : use bits of hair ,  metal and plastic to make something that closely resembles things that fish normally eat in their natural environment. The lure is tied on , cast out and reeled in. The weight and shape of the lure , combined with a diving lip or concave shape , come together to give the lure " action " that attracts strikes from predatory fish. Some lures are simpler still , requiring the angler to twitch and shake the lure in order to fool the fish.