Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Howdy folks!

I'm just sticking my head in the door here to remind everyone about my other blog Something's Fishy. It's my original blog and it gets more attention , so I post over there a lot more than I do on Surf Fishing for Beginners.

This blog is more of a repository of older stuff that I like and that I hope would help people new to the surf and/or fishing in general.

Anyway , I always have my good eye on both of my blogs ( as LB @ Bullets and Biscuits would say ) and I can always be reached through the contact page above.

For more recent stuff - go to Something's Fishy. Big tournament coming up :)

Tight Lines!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Greenfish Movement

Back in February , I wrote an article over on Something's Fishy that was inspired by an Outdoor Blogger Network writing prompt sponsored by Greenfish. I had fun doing it , regardless of the serious subject matter , but I feel like I didn't do enough to get the word out about the Greenfish Movement. The individuals involved with this project have chosen a noble cause to support : sustainable fishing , and I stand behind them 100%

The future of fishing is something many anglers never think about and I'm guilty of this also. It's hard to think about the "what ifs" when you're out enjoying yourself on the water. In 2003 , I learned a hard lesson about the horrible things that can happen to a great fishery in a short period of time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Using Lures from a Pier

This is another article that was originally published on a previous incarnation of and I dug it out today because it won't be long until fish start running in the surf. I can't wait!

Fishing with live bait isn't your thing , eh? Have no fear freshwater angler , there are plenty of lures that will produce fish for you from the surf or from a pier. Just keep in mind that many of the aggressive saltwater species that will readily bite artificials have razor sharp teeth and often feed in large schools , so we'll have to get you set up accordingly.

In this article , I'm going to focus on catching Bluefish and Spanish Mackerels from a pier , because these are two species that are often found together around a lot of the piers here on the East Coast. The best time of year for Bluefish is debatable since larger Blues are often caught during the cooler months , but for your best chance at catching both Bluefish and Spanish Mackerels , I recommend trying sometime in July or August. Both species are hard fighters and fast swimmers that feed most actively when the water is fairly clear with a good number of baitfish present. Bluefish and Spanish Mackerels both have a single row of sharp teeth along their upper and lower jaw and are capable of decimating an entire school of bait fish in minutes. Small bait fish are known to beach themselves rather than face a marauding school of these predators during what saltwater anglers call a " Blitz " , which is basically a feeding frenzy.