Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From SomeFishBlog.com : Hoop Traps for Blue Crab!

Here's a new post from Something's Fishy ! Fishing at  a pier and crabs are stealing your bait? No problem! Get a hoop trap and have your revenge....

 How To : Rigging a Hoop Trap for Blue Crabs

Featuring some hideous photos , but we won't worry about that as this is for instructional purposes. There are other ways to catch Blue Crabs , but this is a fairly easy way to improve your catch when compared to using a hand line , and cheaper than other types of traps or crab pots.

You can buy simple 2 hoop traps for around $2-3.00 , but they are not ready to use. You have to modify them to suit conditions where you will be fishing and add some rope to pull them up with. You will need the following :

  • Pliers and Wire cutters
  • Coat Hanger
  • Some type of light , flexible wire
  • Pyramid Sinker ( I used 6 ounces , go heavier if trapping from an ocean pier )
  • Zip Ties
  • Some type of rope ( I found some camo tree stand rope on clearance. Minimum of 20 feet)
  • A Pizza Box?
  • Chicken necks , drumsticks , or fish heads/other fish parts ( For bait )
  • Metal salad tongs , or gloves to handle the crabs ( They can really do some damage with those claws )