Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Surf Fishing Basics Part 3 : Rigs for Bigger Fish!

Welcome back to! Getting back to basics , here are two more common rigs that are used at the beach....

These are big fish rigs. Just how big? How does a car hood sized skate or ray sound? Or how about a big Striper or a Trophy Red Drum? Sounds fun , huh? These rigs are what most people will use for these fish , so you'll need a rod and reel to handle both the weight of the rig , plus a long battle with a very determined fish. I recommend a surf rod in the neighborhood of 10-12 feet long with a MH action paired with a reel capable of holding at least 250 yards of 17-20 pound monofilament.

Surf Fishing Basics : Part 2 , Basic Tackle

Contrary to what many people believe , a little thought goes into what I buy to fish with , and I don't just take a five gallon bucket up to one of the john boats in Bass Pro and get a scoop of what's on clearance , though the idea is tempting.

First let me admit that I blatantly stole this idea from Troutrageous! His post about what he carries in his tenkara bag gave me some insight into what I would need , should I ever decide to go tenkara fishing again. Wouldn't it be great if some of the other experienced blogging fishermen did the same?

I won't claim to be experienced at blogging or fishing , but I would like to let everyone look into my light surf/pier tackle box. I can usually grab this on my way out the door , and have almost everything I need to get a few fish of several different species. It really is my go to box , and I only carry my bigger box on the boat or when I'm going to be targeting a gear heavy species like King Mackerel or Red Drum. Even better , I probably have enough stuff in this one to King or Drum fish in a pinch , though it would probably cost me a few larger fish and I might have to make a trip to the pier house for a couple of essentials that I only carry around when I have a definite need for them.

Let's look inside my fancy case. Yes , it is a pistol case. No I didn't buy it , but instead got it from somewhere for free. I have four or five in various sizes that survived the initial round of testing and ended up here. No , you can't have one....